Pad Printing

Injection Moulding PAD PRINTING

Branding is a significant element of any business, therefore we at Plastics 2000 value the importance of precision and quality during our Pad Printing process.

Having recently acquired a TOSH LOGICA MIMICRO NS 1, our branding capabilities have expanded further than ever before. Parts can be run and printed in continuous cycles to ensure that your order is received and completed with an efficient turnaround time.

Whether it’s choosing the correct ink colour or the correct size of print, our expert Plastics 2000 Team is here to help and advise you with these decisions; With our vast experience we can assist you in choosing the design and acquiring the printing plates that are best suited for your brand.


Our Pad Printer is capable of printing hundreds of parts in continuous cycles whilst maintaining a high level of precision and quality in the print. 

Although our machine can only print one colour at a time, further cycles can be run to complete numerous designs/colours should our customers require it.

If you have any queries or you would like to find out further information, feel free to get in touch!

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