Injection Moulding MANUFACTURE

From the moment we take delivery of a tool the manufacturing process can begin – we can produce volumes of over 100,000 items per day and, should you require, our machinery can run 24/7.

Even with such high volumes we can promise that our quality team will ensure all items, manufactured by us, are packaged and delivered to you with satisfaction guaranteed.

Plastic Injection Moulding Medical Chart Clips


Almost anything you can imagine can be produced by Plastic Injection Moulding!

We at Plastics 2000 will liaise with the customer to find the perfect material for their need, with consideration to thickness, flexibility and final use in relation to health and safety requirements. Items can be produced in any colour and may include the customer’s details in the mould i.e. Business name and/or Logo. Designs can be as intricate as you need and we have experience, of adding anti-bacterial properties and/or strengthening products to our plastics, thus the option list is almost endless!

To finalise our production process we can offer you the option of having your product delivered anywhere in the world – please contact Plastics 2000 for shipping costs as these will vary from country to country.

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