PPE Face Mask Strap Adjuster Mask Extender


  • Prevent Ear Irritation caused by mask straps pulling on the ears
  • Can be worn in multiple positions on the back of the head depending on the user’s preference.
  • With 8, easy to engage length adjusters you can be sure of a fit that is both comfortable and secure.
  • Solid plastic body is strong, flexible and designed to minimise the chances of snagging hairs.
  • Made in the UK from high, food grade quality, recyclable and washable polypropylene, the Corona Ear Protector is safe for all the family, easy to sterilise and reuse but also to dispose of after sterilising, into standard recycling waste.
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Reduce irritation and discomfort caused by ill fitting ear-loop face masks.

PPE Face Mask Strap Adjuster Mask Extender with 8 easy to engage adjusting grips, the Ear Protector is suitable for both Children and Adults.

Reports have been published showing that up to the age of 10, children can have their ears misshapen in the long term if their ears are forced outwards by ear-loop face masks that put too much strain on their ears as their ear cartilage is still developing.

Keeping the mask tight around the nose and mouth ensures that there are no loose areas where air may be passing through unregulated.

Angled catches allow for easy engagement of the mask straps

Bright blue colouring allows the Ear Protectors to be highly visible and easily identifiable.

The Corona Ear Protector is an inexpensive and effective way to ensure that an ear-loop facemask is worn correctly and without discomfort.

Product Details:

  • Length 180mm
  • Width 18mm
  • Strong and flexible PP material allows for a wrap around the head method of mounting
  • Solid matt finish to the body of the Ear Protector minimises the chances of slipping and snagging on hairs
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5, 10, 20, 50, 100

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