Spectre Hologram Display Box


  • Integrated 21.5 inch Android Tablet
  • Perfect for product display at tradeshows
  • Darkened Rim ensures functionality in even well lit environments, so ideal for countertops or even shop windows
  • In-house design team available to bring your products to life

Using an integrated 21.5″ Android tablet, the Spectre Hologram Display Box can bring your product, logo, brand or other innovation to life. Personalised hologram content can be created for you by our in-house animation department and uploaded to your Spectre Display Box, or it can be retrospectively forwarded and then downloaded by you and played on ‘loop’. With our overhanging edge at the top, and surrounding all sides of the viewing area the Spectre Display Box will even work in well lit environments, making the Spectre Display Box the perfect addition to a tradeshow stand, shop window or even a countertop.

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