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The Benefits of Metal Garden Pins

For gardeners, pulling weeds as and when they crop up can be a strenuous and irritating task. As such, one solution that many people turn to is garden membrane. Also known as landscape fabric, it is a type of material that comes in a heavy-duty sheet/cover form. It is used primarily to discourage weeds from seeding amongst flower beds and borders.

This is where garden membrane pins come into play. Let’s take a closer look at this useful product and how it can help your garden in more ways than one.

The Use of Metal Garden Pins

While garden membrane is a well-trusted, long-term solution, it isn’t very effective unless it is properly secured in its intended place.

Often, sections of landscape fabric can start to pull apart after the winter months, or after being exposed to heavy rainfall. If not anchored properly, garden membrane can naturally begin to wander, causing seams in the fabric in planting beds to open between sections. As a result, this can cause weeds to grow and create a frustrating experience for the gardener.

Metal garden pegs are handy for just that – to secure such barrier mats to the earth to ensure that they do their job successfully.

How to Use Garden Membrane Metal Pins

Usually, you can find metal pegs for gardens in stores or online. We recommend extra-long U-shaped garden securing pegs (like the ones supplied by ourselves) as you will reap the most rewards from these, rather than choosing cheap, low-quality alternatives which you will likely have to replace over and over again.

Once you have your metal garden pins, you can instantly use them after opening the pack. To start, make sure the edges of the fabric overlap by at least three inches. No matter what size of area you’re covering – don’t skimp on the pins – as we recommend anchoring landscape fabric at the seams and around the perimeter. In hard soil, you can push the metal pins in by hand, and then simply push them in further with your foot.

Plastic 2000’s Metal Membrane Pins

Plastic 2000’s garden membrane metal pins are designed to securely fix weed control fabric to the ground.

They are different from others because they are made of heavy-duty, galvanized steel to ensure a firm grip and allow for free root development. Because they are made of such a tough material, they are highly durable and trusted by gardeners across the UK and beyond.

Each pin is 150mm in length (6 inches) with a 30mm wide head, ensuring an excellent grasp on the membrane. The strong tops of the pins also create the ability to stand up to strong blows from a mallet or hammer for example.

We recommend, for stony ground, that a pilot hole is made first of all, (for example, with a screwdriver), to ensure a trouble-free passage for the pin through the ground. Tapping into the ground gently with a rubber or wooden mallet will also ensure maximum chances for success.

The Benefits of Metal Garden Pins

With this handy product, gardeners can enjoy many benefits, some of which include:

  • Preventing unwanted weeds. For many, weeding is extremely time-consuming. Therefore, preventing weeds by properly securing garden membrane is a much more effective use of time management.
  • Allows nutrients in. Landscape fabric combined with our garden pins will allow water and nutrients to pass through while keeping sunlight out, encouraging free root development. This lack of sunlight prevents weeds from forming in the soil and keeps your plants well-fed.
  • Subtle appearance. Our garden membrane pins are favoured by many as they are aesthetically pleasing, making for a seamless yet structured look without the pins being a glaring distraction.

For more information about our garden membrane pegs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. For more products, including alternative items such as our garden membrane pegs, please feel free to visit our online store.

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