Corona Garden Membrane Pegs


  • Corona Membrane Pegs are the perfect choice for securing weed control membrane to the soil
  • Our unique barb design allows for optimal root grip and enables root passage
  • Made from 100% recycled material the Corona Membrane Peg is environmentally friendly
  • Our carefully design product is strengthened at the head and along the length of the peg to ensure passage through tough soil
  • Our hexagonal head design gives fantastic grip on the fabric ensuring non slip
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What Are Garden Membrane Pegs Used For?

At Plastics 2000, our membrane pegs provide great value to those who take pride in their garden. But how? Let’s take a closer look at why you will benefit from this product.

What is Garden Membrane?

Garden membrane, also known as weed membrane, is a type of control fabric that comes in a sheet/cover form. It is an organic, environmentally-friendly, practical, easy and clean method of controlling a variety of areas of your garden.

But why would a garden need this type of intervention? Garden membrane is mainly used to suppress troublesome weeds by simply covering them up. It also keeps the likes of fallen leaves and debris from being decomposed and added to the soil.

This solution is an environmentally-friendly alternative to commercial herbicides. With weed control fabrics, the time limit is one of the biggest benefits, with some solutions lasting up to ten years!

Not only this, garden membrane is one of the least harmful and most effective measures of protecting your area from weed growth. They can be used to control weeds in a variety of areas, such as gravel driveways, vegetable gardens, allotments, decking and even artificial grass.

So, how does it work? In order to keep weeds at bay, the fabric is designed to let water pass through the membrane to ensure the soil still receives the nutrients it requires.

As such, it is impossible to expect a layer of garden membrane to stay secured through all weather conditions on its own. Therefore, to keep it in place, many source robust garden membrane pegs as a viable, reliable solution.

How Do You Secure Garden Membrane?

Plastic garden pegs help keep your overlap secure, giving you peace of mind that your garden is protected from any and all threats. It is important that you use specialist garden fixing pegs that are strong and durable, so you don’t have to continually adjust your garden membrane and replace low-quality pegs as this is much less effective.

To secure a garden membrane, it is recommended that you cover the area carefully, making sure that your fabric has an overlap of at least 10cm over the joints and edges. 30cm is ideal if you want your weed membrane to be exceptionally stable. Once the layer is laid or covered, you’ll need to carefully space pegs around the fabric to hold it in place.

Plastics 2000’s garden membrane pegs are carefully designed, with pegs comprising the following features:

  • Solid fins on two sides of the peg for extra strength
  • Perforated fins on two sides for extra root grip

Approximately six inches in length (150mm) with a head diameter of 20mm, our garden ground pegs will pierce well into most materials, and give the ability to twist down and anchor deeply.

We recommend, for stony ground, that a pilot hole is made first of all, (for example, with a screwdriver), to ensure a trouble-free passage for the peg through the ground. As with any plastic peg, there is a possibility of bending or breaking when hitting a rock!

Once you’ve secured the fabric, you can simply cut away any excess material to suit the area you wish to cover.

Garden Membrane Pegs by Plastics 2000

Our membrane pegs are industry-leading, enabling gardeners to securely fix weed control membrane to the ground.

With our unique ‘fin and flare’ design, our weed membrane pegs allow for free plant root formation and development. Complete with strengthened hexagonal heads with reinforced ribs, this ensures a fantastic grip on the membrane and soil, with the added ability to stand up to blows from a mallet or hammer.

Made in the UK using 100% recycled PP material, you can trust that our garden ground pegs are environmentally-friendly, strong and durable.

You can buy our plastic garden pegs in bulk, with pack sizes starting from 10 up to 1,000, making them perfect for jobs of any size.

Check out this fantastic review of our weed membrane pegs by North East Paving and Gardens:

“This set of pegs is excellent if you are looking for membrane pins that are specifically designed for the purpose. They are finned and flared, which means they twist down and anchor deeply. These are some of the best peg roots you can pin down, and for the price, you are looking at a bargain. They should pierce well into most material.”

For more information about our garden membrane pegs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. For more products, including alternative items such as our garden membrane metal pins, please feel free to visit our online store.

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